Mac show/hide desktop icons via terminal aliases

A few weeks ago I needed to record a screencast tutorial for work. It was a quick getting started guide for publishing content under WordPress. My desktop is far from tidy, some may claim they saw it on that horrible TLC show Horders. I didn’t want to risk recording an hour long video only to later realize my ‘Best of Penelope’ folder was visible in the bottom corner. The thought of  giving viewers an hour to speculate what that folder contained and why it was on my work computer was motivation to find an easy way to hide the desktop icons. For the record, that folder is where I store epic photographs of my dog Penelope and not photos of Penelope Cruz.

For such a simple task, using an app seemed wildy inefficient, IMHO. I found this great terminal command from OSX Daily. I’ve had no problems running it on 10.6.8. Your mileage may vary if you’re on Lion or you use an app to switch out the desktop wallpaper every n minutes/hours/days.

Below is a gist I created that sets these commands up as two aliases: showdesk and hidedesk

[gist id="2341101"]


The Amaryllis Project

This past weekend I picked up an Amaryllis at the grocery store. Growing up,  my family would grow an Amaryllis in anticipation of Christmas.  It acted as sort of a “botanical advent calendar”.  I decided to carry this holiday tradition on in my own home this holiday season, with a bit of a twist. I thought it would be interesting to document its growth cycle by taking a picture each day and compiling a progressive set of photos, which can easily be interacted with in a “flip book” like fashion.

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Plugs, Productivity

Emergent Task Planner – Plug

Productivity vs. Monotonous Usability

I am always on the look out for great little ways to organize daily life in an attempt to improve upon my general level of productivity. Here’s the problem: I find this to be a daunting task in itself. I’m impatient when it comes to organization. I need something that is straightforward and returns a result quickly, if not instantly.
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Art of Manliness – Plug

Today I am introducing the first in a new series of posts called “Plugs”. A plug is my way of officially promoting “webstuffs”.  It could be a great blog, an interesting PDF, or a great piece of open source software; the possibilities are only limited to what can be found on the Internet. My main goal is to highlight “webstuffs” that I value in some way and believe others may find interesting or useful. My intention isn’t to highlight or “plug” a resource that is widely known, but rather those “gems” you only run across on the Internet once in a while.
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